Hi guys!

Firstly, thanks to all you amazing people her on MedStudentz forum. I've been able to learn so much from and by you. I really hope that continues to be the case, and together we can help one another out.

So, I just started preparing for MCAT (AKA MDCAT now). The thing is, I'm having trouble with the chapter: Kingdom Animalia. The syllabus is not very explicit on what it wants us to cover, in my opinion. What I don't get is what does it mean by 'Medically Important Phylla.'
Are they asking us to know the importance of those phylla? Or are they want us to memorize each and every word that falls under the heading of the phylla (From the PTB, naturally).
Secondly, they have given individual species name in brackets. Do they want us to study only these in detail, or they've given us these as an example that these come under phylum ABC etc.

I really hope you understand what I'm trying to convey here.
Thanks for all the help!