Question about IBCC
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Thread: Question about IBCC

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    Question about IBCC

    I was wondering that in order to get my grades from high school converteard to the pakistani system i need to take the SAT 2 for bio chem and physics, i already took bio and chem in highschool, should i just take a spring semester of physics at a community college? or would that not be able to count. would i still have to take the SAT 2? i need to know because thats the only thing holding me from sending my applitcation to ibcc. Also im afraid my grades my convert out to be too low, idk what to do for this/? any help

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    I would assume that'll be ok, but you will have to do with SAT II for Physics regardless, though I'm not entirely sure. IBCC are very vague when it comes to outlining whatever it is they want, and it's a big pain in the arse. I would suggest you contact IBCC directly by phone and ask them AND email them. You'll have to spend a few long nights staying up but it's worth it. As for you being scared about your marks, don't worry about that. Send it in anyways and let God take care of the rest. Cheers.
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