I currently reside in Toronto and am finishing up my undergrad and am pondering whether or not Pakistani med-schools are a feasible option for me. The low tuition fee would be the primary reason I would choose to come to Pakistan (as opposed to the $40,000 per annum I'd be looking at in the States/Carib). That having been said, I would like to know what the academic schedule is like for med schools in Punjab. When do you get breaks and how long do they run? And do the breaks vary from year to year or are they fixed? I'd like to return to Toronto/ NY and work with my current Profs on research projects. But in order to apply for funding from the Canadian govt I need to work on a given assignment for at least 3 months. My primary concern is, whether or not coming to North America every summer would be an option.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Also for current students already studying medicine in Pakistan, what is the academic research culture like? It is customary for students to be working with Profs alongside school? Or is research unheard of?