Hi everyone,

I am new to the form. I am actually having a lot of trouble with the equivalence from. I moved to Canada from Pakistan near the end of my grade 9 studies before I wrote the board exams. However when I came to Canada, I was placed into grade 11 based on the year I was born in plus a skill assessment test I wrote. Now as a result of this grade 10 is pretty much non-existent in my records. So, I am wondering if I were to apply as a foreign students, are there any Pakistani medical schools that only require equivalence for grade 11 and 12 courses? Almost every medical school I have looked at requires grades from grade 9-12. Any help regarding the issue will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If there are no such schools will it be possible for me to talk to them and explain my situation (i.e. will they really make an exception or is it not worth trying?)

Thnx in advance