Hey summer!

Don't worry too much about the interview it's conducted by Shifa's own faculty, they are pretty laid-back and nice. Main key is to be confident, and be yourself! They'll ask you basic questions like why you want to be a doctor, and why Shifa? why not another other college? Entry test has A levels course, sciences/math and if you're applying for international seat SAT II's are given. Usually if you're applying for local seat and giving the entry test, most students go to an academy to prepare them, which centers its learning based on the entry tests of different pakistani medical college, it would be a smart idea to look into that, and they're not that costly. Other than that, these are all pretty difficult tests (not to discourage you) and Shifas admission in particular is very difficult as well so you should start a couple months in advance if you wish to apply, Thousands of candidates apply and only 100 are selected.