Chances for a foreign bachelors degree holder in Pak med schools
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    ExclamationChances for a foreign bachelors degree holder in Pak med schools


    I am asking this question on behalf of one my friends.He is studying in a pre-medical bachelor degree programme in Canada.As the chances of getting admission in a Canadian medical school are quite slim so he wants to try his luck in Pak med schools as well.

    Please advise what is the criteria,procedure for getting admission in Punjab med schools(both private and public)for a bachelors degree holder.Does he has to go through the same route of UHS entry test ,or he can opt for the SAT 11 option as well.
    Moreover are there any foreign seats available for dual/foreign nationals as well.If yes, please provide an official link.

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    Jan 2011
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    well, i havent gotten any admission yet, but as i am also a bachelor degree holder, perhaps i cud ans some of ur questions.. though since i'm mostly just applying to aku, my knowledge is mostly limited to aku's process..

    basically, for aku atleast, if u apply on basis of ur bachelors, then u don't have to write the SATs, which was a relief! and then, if u also go ahead and write the north american mcat before applying, then u won't hav to write aku's entrance test either.. and i m thinking this wud be the same for most of the private schools.. but u cud only use ur mcat if u r a graduate.. but if ur friend applies before completing bachelors (if the degree isn't conferred by the matriculation date) then he/she'd hav to apply on the basis of high school..u can either apply on basis of ur bachelors, or ur high school degree..

    that's all i know so far... i dunno wht the process wud be for the govt or other private schools, but i don't think if ur friend has written MCAT, then he/she might be exempt from any of the entrance tests for the pk schools, and ur friend's bachelor's degree wud exempt him/her from any SAT requirements..

    hope that helps! i'd also go ahead and call up each school that ur friend is interested in, to confirm all the information..
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