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Thread: DIMC First Year Syllabus

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    Med Studentz Beginner
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    Aug 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiterabbit View Post
    Yeah, I don't know if I am down to get eggs or **** thrown at me. I am 21, going on 22 soon. I don't have time to waste with youngsters and their petty egos. Im going there to get **** done, not get screwed around with. As soon as someone steps out of line, I will get the admin on him.

    LOL.. admin... punch um in the face, what are they going to do... charge you with assault in pakistan? HAHAHAHAHHAH
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    Med Studentz Beginner Mashaal's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
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    Haha, dude honestly I highly doubt ragging is going to be bad for you all. Two of the 5 batches will be on prep leave or in the middle of exams. 2 more batches will be at the hospital doing their clinicals and wards. The one batch that will actually be in school and have time to rag you all barely have people coming to school these days, and they themselves will be on prep leave after a few weeks as well. Just come here with a chill attitude, and don't lose sight of what y'all are here for. You'll be setttt inshAllah
    DIMC c/o 2015
    Hit me up if you have any questions on DIMC and Karachi

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    Oct 2011
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    hey man im going to dimc as well joining your class. go 6TH batch!! are you also living int he dorms?
    when are you getting here?? cant wait to see you man. first day of school wohooo. we should team up against these people. shoot me a message. are you on facebook?? lets make our class group man! im psyched!!!
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