Pakistan medical school novice
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    Pakistan medical school novice

    Hello guys,
    I am thinking of applying to medical school in Karachi cos its amazing ...I live in London and have British nationality but have those Pakistani region cards.. so as what status will I be applying as a foreigner or overseas Pakistani ...also regarding entry tests when do I have to do those ... I am just going to start my A levels this September so when should I apply for that eqvivelance certificate and through what organisation through is it...also as ill be returning to the UK which private or government medical schools would be the best option for me in KARACHI ??...and how competitive would be for me to get in and say if I have A*AA in chemistry biology and physics and roughly a grades in my GCSEs (o levels)..also will all the teaching be done in english because i wud hate it if the lecturers go back and forth between english and I am used to studying and having lectures in english ..roughlly how much fees will i be paying in pounds for private and gov medical school..anyways guys any answers to my many questions will be appreciated peace !
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    Sep 2011
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    * Since you have O/A levels, you will need equivalence. This takes time. In Pakistan, everything takes time. leave a six month gap. The institution name is IBCC. The Karachi office is complete garbage, get it done from Islamabad, or via your local consulate (not sure if its done this way anymore).
    - Most Med colleges give you until the end of 1st year to provide this.
    * Depending on if you can provide a Pakistani Domicile (for yourself and you father) as well as a few other Pak documents, you can give the exam on a 'local seat', along with a TON of students. Competition is very tough.
    * Each institution has its own fate of entrance exam. these dates change each year. Currently, all colleges in Karachi have released their entrance exam forms. They have variable Due dates, typically by the middle of this month (sept 2011), Entrance exams will be held in the end of this month (Sept 2011). The dates of each institution vary so as to not clash with each other.
    - Please note, each institution has its own form, with its own exam fee, submission fee, due date, and exam date.
    * Give all Entrance exams, Government Uni's are hard to get into but cheaper, with a higher lvl of intelligence and competitiveness (exception, DIMC. Everyone is a retard after the second batch there). Almost all have English speaking teachers, the senior staff have a great base of knowledge, with horrible accents.
    * Major drawback of living in Karachi... The extremely turbulent daily life. Never know when a riot is going to break out. Its getting very difficult to live normally.
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