Im a senior in a US high school and i was wondering if i can take Conceptual physics and still get into Al shifa?

CONCEPTUAL PHYSICS ? Standard 1 Credit
Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Earth Science and Living Environment
courses and Geometry; must have passed one Regents
exam in science
As the title of the course suggests, the concepts are the focus of the course
rather than the mathematics. Students will be able to spend more time concentrating
on the explanations of ?why things happen,? while less time is spent calculating
?answers.? The course is designed using the inquiry-based model of learning.
The students will be active participants in the learning process and will be assessed
using a variety of strategies. There is no separate lab period for this
course. Lab activities are integral to the learning process and thus are part of the
regular period. This course has been specifically designed as an elective course
for the student who has already satisfied his/her core science requirement for
graduation but who needs a third science course, or has an interest in continuing
his/her science education.v