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we can't judge a college by considering its negative points only, let us discuss some positive 1s of lmdc:

LMDC has got a lot of fame because of being the oldest private medical college in lhr.
not only lmdc campus has a full-fledged medical college building, the Ghurki hospital devoted for clinical training of students, is also a very good 1, with full-time crowd of patients.

my father is Assistant Professor in Pathology department of King Edward medical university, he praise the faculty in lmdc, because even K.E lacks slightly in this regard.!

to quote just 1 e.g; LMDC has Professors of all disciplines in Pathology department i.e chemical pathology, microbiology, hematology & histo-pathology, whereas K.E has not a single in chemical & histo.

in-short it all depends on u yar! how much you benefit from professors, study in home & remains in competition with students from all UHS-affiliated colleges of punjab.
Well, Anas bro, and that Prof. left LMDC and has recently joined Shalamar as an A.P.