Assalam o Alaikum,

I am a student at a private medical college affiliated with University of Karachi and we just finished our 1st year profs last week. I moved here from Canada and Alhamdulillah so far have settled here fairly easily.

I hope to pass all my examinations (Insha Allah) but since I've never studied Pakistan studies before, I found the prof for that quite difficult - and most of the paper was some next info about Islamiyat, not even Pak studies which I studied for.

Now I hope to pass all my papers, but just in case I wanted to know exactly how 'bad' is a supple? If you want to apply for residency abroad, how does it affect your chances (particularly a supple in a 'formality paper' like Pak studies / Islamiat) ?

I'm a Canadian national btw, equalized my Canadian marksheet and am studying here on local merit seat after equalization, so I intend to try my chances abroad after graduation Insha Allah.

Any helpful answers are appreciated.