Assalam u Alikum. I have come from Qatar and did my Fsc under the federal board.I am rather confused where to apply and where to not, I wanted to reserve a seat in non-medical colleges (just in case) but apparently the display of lists in private medical colleges would be at a considerable distance from the last dates to pay fees in non-medical colleges I am planning to apply in CMH, SKZMC or FMH, LMDC, Central Park or Rashid Latif and Shalamar with percentages of 71 and 73 in matric and Fsc respectively, and also an aim of around 80% in UHS test. Could anyone please comment on my list and the chances of me entering in any one of them, and approximately when there lists would be finalized? Plus, do I really need to keep a back up option such as bio technology in a non medical college and if yes wouldn't the fee submission dates create an issue ?
Any replies would be appreciated