U.H.S. Exams
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Thread: U.H.S. Exams

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    Med Studentz Newbie Imy_Coke's Avatar
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    U.H.S. Exams

    Hello everyone, I was talking to some friends and heard the U.H.S. set up a new format test for the Govt. schools, apparently lots of correlation to clinical aspects and stuff. Over in NMC i dont know any of my classfellows this year and the people i do arent much help, any advice is welcome, thankyou, Sincerely Imy.=)
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    well, YES you are right. infact, UHS people were modifying the paper patterns since last few years and now, the written papers are actually becoming more clinically oriented and linking Basic Sciences with the clinical side. both Mcqs as well as SEQs, there ARE more clinical questions than just simple, straight and basic questions. in a way, that's a good thing because it will make the students study more and more stuff and not just rote the things in Anatomy or Physiology or Pathology, etc. you know the process, u know the mechanism, u know the effects and u know the consequences! so, its basically a matter of putting all these things together, serving the cocktail like questions to the students to ans. them! u have to concentrate a lil' more to co-relate the isolated specks of things in your mind and bingo, its done!
    i dont know which subject are u exaclty talking about... but let me example the paper of General Pathology that i took recently in my 2nd Prof. exam.... except 2 qs outa 14 Seqs were simple, basic qs. most of them were like clinical scenarios and then, what u have to write was the provisional diagnosis carrying 1 or 2 marks and then, the lab. investigations or micro organism causing that disease or pathogenesis of the disease or some other related thing carrying 2 or 3 marks for just writing 4,5 lines mostly and thats all for a 5 mark SEQ... that simply means if u correctly come up with diagnosis, u r gonna ace it and if it doesnt click your mind exaclty, u simply lose it! same is very true about Mcqs. Okay.
    talking about other subjects, there can be basic as well as clinical qs... i mean both go side by side but trend is more towards clinical ones now!

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