Surety Bond
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Thread: Surety Bond

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    Med Studentz Regular Zaini33's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
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    QuestionSurety Bond

    Asalamu alikum!
    My medical college wants me to submit a "Surety Bond" the sample of which I was given in my call letter. So do I have to get it printed on a stamp paper just like the affidavit?
    Jazakumullahu Khairan!
    Ibn Sina(The Doctor of Doctors!)
    His major contribution to medical science was his famous book al-Qanun which remained supreme for SIX CENTURIES and surveyed the entire medical knowledge available from ancient and Muslim sources. Al-Qanun is like this massive medical book even worse than B.D anatomy (as has no pic) but I still hope to give it a read someday.
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    Med Studentz Regular red rose's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
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    Yes... and the stamp paper must of 100 rupees......
    plus in my city sialkot 100 rupees stamp paper is not available... can i use 50 , 50 rupees two stamp papers???

    - - - Updated - - -

    One thing more... In FJMC they require chest x ray too for submission of fee... I m not really happy to go for this X ray.... Since few weeks back i have to go for a dental X ray .... and i dont want anymore X ray to radiate inside me untill a whole year since its not safe... what do u think i should do???
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