What Is Judged in Entry Test?
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Thread: What Is Judged in Entry Test?

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    Med Studentz Newbie farah's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    7 times

    What Is Judged in Entry Test?

    i want to ask from senior community members about what sort of abilities are tested in entry test? in other words what skills one must learn in order to go through entry test with success? how these skills can be produced?
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    Med Studentz Regular
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    Aug 2012
    601 times

    Purpose of the UHS MCAT Entry Test

    The UHS MCAT is much more than an examination, it is more of a selection criteria designed for evaluating student?s comprehension, evaluation, and application of information gathered from studying books. Therefore, it tests a student?s visual memory, memory for content, scientific vocabulary, scientific definitions, and understanding of printed material, premedical information, and logical reasoning. It is designed to see whether students have the potential to become doctors and face the challenges. Therefore, students should realize the importance of all these things besides memorizing text books all the time. To excel in the MCAT, you have to have the caliber. It is designed to evaluate abilities of the student about various aspects of studies as well as confidence. Following are few of the things evaluated in the medical entry test;

    1. General Knowledge

    2. Comprehension of FSC textbooks (i.e. student?s text comprehension, data
    analysis, ability to evaluate an argument or apply knowledge from the passage
    to other contexts)

    3. Concept clarity (text evaluation and application of information gathered from
    studying books)

    4. E.Q. level (staying calm and alert/attentive/ openminded)

    5. Insight (a clear perception for things)

    6. Responsiveness (under pressure)

    7. Judgment power (application of gained knowledge)

    8. Confidence (self-assurance or belief in one?s ability to succeed/excel)

    Source: I can't recall, but it was on some Entry test preparation blog.

    Hope this helps
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    Med Studentz Beginner
    Member Since
    Mar 2012
    Faisalabad, Pakistan
    12 times
    That post is really nice. I'm sure it's even true to an extent but honestly? The only thing you need is the ability to memorize and not panic during the exam. You're pretty much set after that.
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    Med Studentz Pro heartbreak's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jan 2012
    Islamabad, Pakistan
    158 times
    I agree with all that said but you need to focus most on the "visual memory" part. Some questions are copy-pasted from the textbooks. This year, there was hardly a question that required logical reasoning. Most was just memorization.
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    Med Studentz Beginner ahmed93's Avatar
    Member Since
    Sep 2012
    4 times
    Yes, MCAT is mostly about memorization. Everything from the textbooks must be on your finger tips.
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