Hi, i am an alevels student and i am also a repeater.
these are my alevels grades math C ,english language B , biology A, chemistry A and physics A.
i gave the aku entry test last year but i couldnt clear it. aku has always been like a dream for me so could anyone whose from aku help me out.
my result for the entry test last year is this,
english 74.35%,(required was 55%) biology 15 chemistry 9.25 physics 9.64 math reasoning 15.52 science reasoning 24.64.my percentage for the science and math section was 61.71% ant the required was 68%.
I wanted to ask that as i'm a repeater will that be a hindrance in my acceptance at the university?
What kind of volunteer work is aku interested in?
I dont have very good grades but are grades more important than the entry test..i dont have A*s..
i dont know from what source i should prepare for now..because last time i thought that the entry test was very fsc based..it had alot of fsc knowledge in it especially in chemistry...BUT ..the fsc students said that the test was alevels based..:s so i am confused! From where should i prepare?
could anyone please tell me..urgent help needed..