SAT II Scores for International Students
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Thread: SAT II Scores for International Students

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    SAT II Scores for International Students

    Hello everyone,

    I know many international students have used this forum in the past, and so I was wondering if anyone from the past cycles or even applying now had any idea what overall SATII scores one needs in order to have a solid chance of getting a seat in private (Shifa, DIMC, NUST, etc) medical schools and even the old govt schools (Khyber, Ayub, KE, RMC, etc). It is probably relative based on the applicant pool, but does anyone know scores of those who did get in previously? I estimate my IBCC to be around 78% since I studied in states. I have tried going through forums of older application cycles but I have found very little helpful information with regards to this question. I would really appreciate it. I just took my SATII yesterday so I won't know what I got for another 2.5 weeks but I'm almost sure that I got around 2000-2100/2400.

    Another quick thing, for those of you who have done conversions, if you're an U.S. student and had a 4.0 G.P.A. or even one between a 3.6-3.9, what did you're equivalence equate to, approximately? I realize that is almost as important if not as important and SATII but with their BS rule of reducing my numbers I realize that SATII are crucial. Finally, I know I'm asking for a lot of personal information but if you're willing to share I'm sure many of those who are using the forum would appreciate it just as much as I would.Thanks in advance
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    The IBCC is inconvenient. Yes, they might have a conversion formula, but I am certainly sure they dont follow the rules and regulations. First of all, the IBCC is unaccountable, when I say that I mean you can send your GPA to them dont expect to receive the conversion score anytime soon. Some people had the case in which they received the conversion number so late that they were not able to apply for that year. Secondly, If you are coming from the U.S NEVER think about studying at a government medical college. Yes, they have produced many fine doctors both in Pakistan and here in the states, but this is not the 1970s. Government medical colleges are FAR behind from private colleges when it comes to professors, technology, research, and the environment. Yes they might have the brightest students of Pakistan with the highest merit, but most likely these children will end up in Pakistan. If you are wanting to come back to the U.S and practice, you have two choices: Aga Khan University or Dow International Medical College. Yes they are in Karachi! Now, I am sure you must be concerned by the safety situation, but these two colleges are located in safe areas of the city. AKU is the harvard of Asia, over the past year 98% of the graduating class ends up in the U.S, practicing. AKU has very limited seats for foreign students, I believe not more then 4 per batch. Its is about 24,000 per year and you must take SAT II SAT 1, have an excellent transcript (which the IBCC can butcher!), and lastly take an interview. I believe it is truly worth it! Second option you have is Dow International. This college is under Dow University of Health Sciences, and if you are aware of your local desi medical community, there should be alot of them who studied at dow back in the day. Dow International is for foreign students, mostly from the U.S, Canada, Britain, and Emirates. The main focus for Dow International is to provide an atmosphere where the children dont feel as if they are in a 3rd world country. Dow has the lastest technology, equipment, a new campus, well educated professors, and lastly students who all have ONE GOAL : To pass the USLME OR PLAB test! Dow International, does also focus on providing information to help the child succeed when it comes to these tests. The tuition I believe is 18,000 dollars. The environment is very nice, and it is as if you are learning in America. The only problem I have heard about dow is the Cafeteria food, but its Pakistan you can deliver anything you want, or in fact hire a private cook who can cook anything from chinese, japanese, steak, american, pakistani. For dow you need High School diploma and SAT II scores for BIO CHEM and ANY OTHER SUBJECT ORRRRRR
    I REPEAT ORRRRRRRRRR IBCC EQUIVALENCY. Bottom line is, your a foreigner, these are the best two options for you!
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