International Application Thread 2013
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    Med Studentz Pro yoyahyo's Avatar
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    International Application Thread 2013

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to get some sort of idea whom amongst us is applying from overseas applying to some of the medical colleges in Pakistan. I've noticed that not too many people look to post or are focused on the entry test prep threads, but if people are willing and could give us some idea where they're applying from in this cycle I think it would be a good way to get people motivated to post their questions and concerns they have with the process and perhaps compare themselves amongst others (in a non-competitive manner) who intend to apply. This topic may not heat up till later in the summer but I thought I'd give it a shot right now and see what happens.

    I'll start with myself. I am apply from the U.S. (more specifically New York). i am going to apply to Shifa and also go the HEC route with some of my choices including RMC, AMC, KE and some places in KPK (Khyber, Ayub, etc).

    My SAT II scores that I just got back are Bio: 740 Chem: 720 and Physics: 630...
    I don't have my IBCC equiv yet but I am estimating it to at between 70-74% given my grades and the percentage of marks they cut (I am assuming worst case given that I have no idea how they're going to convert my information).

    I have searched old application cycles and noticed that they had a healthy amount of particiation with these topics. I look forward to hearing from others and helping each other out.
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    Med Studentz Beginner Iamabcd's Avatar
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    You are a us citizen and I assume you want to come back after mbbs. First I would say don't think of going to a government college or any private college beside: Shifa, AKU, and DIMC. Government colleges are far behind in technology, faculty, and research. Yes they have the brightest students studying, but most likely only 5% of the class will probably be able to find a residency in the states. Shifa and AKU ate outstanding private colleges. There are many...MANY graduates here in the US. DIMC is a new college, and is under Dow. Dow is one of the best public colleges. DIMC focuses on the USMLE material more than any college. For example you might take a certain subject in 2nd year at KE, but in DIMC your probably going to take that subject the first year. Also DIMC has extra subjects that other colleges don't.
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