I am about to go into the 11th grade at an elite private school in the US and so far my average for the last two years is around a 94%. I recently took the Chemistry SAT II and got a 690 and I plan to take the Biology and Math SATs as well. I really want to get into KEMU but if i cant then I will proably stay in America and go to college here. So I have a few question about getting in and the application process:
1. What are my chances of getting into King Edward Medical University?
2. I have heard that foreign students need their high school diploma to apply, but we receive that after graduation and if I apply for a college in the US then I need to give my reply to any colleges that I have been accepted too by May 1st. So what I'm asking is if there is any way to apply without having your diploma and then giving it later after receiving it after knowing if I have been accepted or not?

Oh btw I'm an American citizen but I was born in Pakistan and I was probably going to apply using SFS