Organic Chemistry MCAT 2013 Help!!
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  • 1 Post By Mariamumtaz

Thread: Organic Chemistry MCAT 2013 Help!!

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    Organic Chemistry MCAT 2013 Help!!

    I have a question related to chemistry Organic Unit1 and 2.The syllabus doesn't mention introduction to organic cmpds,features of organic cmpds,cracking of petroleum, thermal cracking,catalytic cracking,sources of organic compounds,but these topics are in the fsc book.Similarly for unit 2 for the topics alkanes it doesn't mention general methods of alkane preparation(the 5 ways) and for reactions the syllabus only mentions combustion and free radical substitution.So can we leave other reactions like oxidation and nitration.So my question is can we leave these topics or are supposed to study them?Anyone out there or any repeater plz answer my query ASAP.Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    leave them..
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