Very Important Issue of Mine and Many Other Students
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Thread: Very Important Issue of Mine and Many Other Students

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    Med Studentz Regular
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    Nov 2012
    Lahore Pakistan
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    Very Important Issue of Mine and Many Other Students

    ​My name is Hafiz Muhammad Awais I got 900 marks in matriculation. I took Intermediate exam in 2011 but did not score well because I did not study well in FSc. But after taking MCAT I realized that I stand nowhere in Life cuz my marks in Intermediate and MCAT were so bad that I could not get admission in any field in any good college or uni. So I decided to Improve my marks but again I got de-tracked and got only 877 marks in FSc... I got a little serious and worked a little hard in MCAT but again got less marks with a little improvement. But seeing my seriousness my father (who is a GOVT Employee and earns only a little amount) decided that he will sale his ancestral property just for my studies (that property has the value of 40 lacs nearly). so in 2012 he told me to apply for Privates as well but almost all the privates had finished their admissions at that time, after some time I got admission in FSD in a private medical college but when we managed the money then I got to know that the seats are filled. And again I couldn't get admission in any Medical college. My father told me to try for another year cuz now he is ready to pay money for my studies in private medical college. This year I worked hard and still working harder but I'm a worried cuz my father is going to get retired in a couple of years and then there will be no source of income for my family after that. My marks in Fsc are only 877 and this year it looks that there is no chance for me in GOVT cuz I can't improve marks again according to board policy and can only work hard for MCAT. Some people give me suggestion that I should not waste my parents' money as this is the only money that my parents have and in next five years this money is just going to go and will not give any benefit in return and after 5 years I will be able to earn some money. some people say that I must go abroad with this money and earn there. Some say that my father should spend his money in a good business so that he can earn and in next 5 years he will be able to earn double most of the people say that spending money on my education will not be a good idea cuz I belong to a middle class family. I really want to be a Doctor but on the other side I think I wasted myself on my own. This is the only money that my parents' have and my parents want to go for Hujj as well.
    Now u all please give me suggestion that should I go for admission in a private medical college, my parents say that they want to spend their money on my education but I feel that there is going to be a very tough time for our family in near future as my father will be retired in future and his pension will not be able to compensate our expenditures. I have a younger brother as well who has to study and my elder sister is also studying and obviously in near future my parents have to manage money for my sister's wedding as well. So please give me good suggestions as I take u all like my brothers and sisters
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    Med Studentz Regular Life 4 u's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    41 times
    Awais ! What I think is that you must skip option of private medical colleges because they suck money out of you ! Since you have already told that your father is already a govt employee.. I suggest work hard for mcat.. If you dont get in try other fields.. And also go for istikhara !
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    Fear doesen't Exist anywhere Except in your Mind
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    Med Studentz Beginner CHOCLATE's Avatar
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    Jul 2013
    wah cantt
    29 times
    i know a guy living in our neighbour who got just 870 marks in but by obtaining 996 marks in mcat last year he made his way to sailkot medical college..... also there is d.pharm in which uni like iub has low merit and also affordable fee structure which is 2nd best option ............ you should work hard even many student got 1000+ marks by working hard in last month ....... thing is confidence and will power........ private med whether it is managed or not should not be in mind of people like us belonging to middle class family............
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    Med Studentz Beginner Mariamumtaz's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    21 times
    yup choclate is 500% correct..
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    Med Studentz Newbie arabianwolf's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    4 times
    If its the only "ONLY" investment then skip
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