My Struggles
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Thread: My Struggles

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    Med Studentz Beginner sahernaqvi's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
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    My Struggles

    Hi everyone. I havent posted for a while because things have been going not so well. For one, the stupid IBCC jerks deducted more than 20% off my marks because apparently "In California the courses are really easy." They didnt even look at the fact that most of my transcript was comprised of either AP or honors classess. They cut them as if they were regular courses, even harsher than normal classess actually. They first deducted 15% off, then the stupid "additional 5%." So, in short they turned my 94% average in advanced classes to a dreaded 73%, or 805/1100. When I received the IBCC certificate, I ws attending an academy for the entry exam, they were teaching me one on one, my dad paid 20,000 rupees, or $200 for me to attend private lessons. I lost all hope after getting my conversion because its lower than most people on this website. I became extremely dishearted and told everyone that Im done trying, that i dont need to get an education if everything keeps on going wrong, that maybe its not in my kismat or fate to get an education. My goal was to get admitted through PTAP or maybe through a local seat. I was expecting at least 79% after conversion because of what my starting marks were. My dad urged me not to give up and said that he is willing to pay for a self finance seat through the HEC method, which I didnt want to take because I dont want to become a burden on my parents, but the IBCC left me with no choice. I dropped the academy, because I was left with a 0% chance of getting admitted through the local seat method. I am currently preparing for the SAT subject tests upcoming in October. I am praying that I get decent enough marks to boost up my aggregate, and get admission in Ayub medical college on the foreign self finance seat, or if not there, then at least in frontier medical college, as it is a private college. Now, I know that nothing is guarenteed but I am keeping my faith in God strong and I know that if it is in His will, I will get admission, especially if i keep my intentions clean and study hard for the SAT II's. I hope that those of you on this website who are losing hope, can find it again and continue to put in your full effort, even if you see no reason to due to undesirable circumstances. Everything eventually works out, one way or the other. God bless
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Jul 2013
    arlington virginia
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    dont get too dishearted you have a VERY good chance for private medical colleges just memorise the fsc books by heart and give a good entry test.
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    Med Studentz Beginner khan000000000's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
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    hm... they did almost the same thing to me. In my IBCC equivalency certificate its 77% after deduction or whatever their method is. I'm also taking sat subject test in october and then applying on self finance scheme in kmc, amc etcc....
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