Hi Guys,
I am new in this forum and I only have basic knowledge regarding Medicine.
So, I was planning to go for Rawalpindi Medical College (It's just a priority).
I know this that you have to pass the MCAT to get admission in MBBS.

1) So the problem is that I am not so good at Chemistry, my concepts are not good. But I am really good in Biology. So, can I become a good doctor with unclear concepts in chemistry?

2) How are the studies at RMC? Both the theoretical and clinical studies?

3) And after studying MBBS in a public institute do you have to serve in an attached Government hospital for a period of time?

4) How would you compare the theoretical and clinical studies of RMC to Shifa College Of Medicine? I have heard that the clinical studies in Shifa are not so good because the patients there, mostly belong to well-established families and so they are a bit choosy about their treatment