A Short Review on Avicenna Medical College
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    Med Studentz Newbie darkeye's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
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    PostA Short Review on Avicenna Medical College

    OK so I went there just for inquiring about the admission procedures and last years merit and here I am sharing my experience
    • Well though not so far away from central Lahore the college however is difficult to find and the front road is not in a good condition(Broken)
    • You reach there and the first thing that welcomes you is the stench of a....what you can say *ganda Naala*(admin pardon me for this but I couldn't find a better word).
    • There is no car parking inside the college so what ever vehicle goes there stays on the road with a potential threat of theft.

    Now enough of the environments and all let talk about the inside Well I was sitting in the waiting area as the receptionist or student affair manager was in a meeting however he came out and got surrounded by a family outside his office and he didn't bothered it and started dealing with them right there in the lobby.
    Though eavesdropping is a bad thing but since they were right in front of me I couldn't stand not putting my ears in there conversation and what I learned was quite shocking

    • O.k so the first thing that he said was that any student is not allowed to have w.i.f.i cellular phones or phones with camera.
    • This one is for girls >not allowed to use nail polish,not allowed to wear jewelry,not allowed to wear fancy cloths.
    • And for both boys and girls>No Facebook,no Hanging out,no friendships.
    • Just Study study study for next five years
    • The most shocking thing that just blew me away was NO M.C.A.T...... Yes its just a formality and its marks are not included in aggregate.They Just look at F.SC marks.You scored good in F.SC you are in no other procedure just submit the fee and you are issued a roll number
    • And not to mention the one i thought was student affair manager was probably the principal of the college.

    OK after hearing that all I did was that I stood up and came back ... so much for all the traveling and after all this I doubt there would be any extra curricular activity.
    though a few good things are that there is an inbuilt Mosque,the campus seems to be quite spacious and I can't think of third one...yeah They'll make you study like you are a machine
    O.k so this was my experience of Avicenna Medical college someone may disagree they have the right but this is what I percieved
    And My advise is whoever plans on going there THINK AGAIN.
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    Med Studentz Addict masterh's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Lahore, Pakistan
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    Avicenna Medical College is funny
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    Med Studentz Newbie darkeye's Avatar
    Member Since
    Sep 2013
    2 times
    Quote Originally Posted by masterh View Post
    Avicenna Medical College is funny
    After all this it indeed is and yeah the principal is quite a rude person
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