Hello. I just need a little help with something I'm confused with, plz. Last year I gave the entry test and got 90 aggregate. I studied for a year at King Edward. But had to face a lot of personal problems so I had to come back to my hometown, Rawalpindi and get admitted in Rawalpindi medical college but since migration wasn't possible so I gave the entry test again this year and got 90.41 aggregate. Now the Prospectus says that if you were already admitted in a medical institute before, you have to prepare an affidavit and get it signed by the Vice Chancellor of your previous university. But the admission forms are available after 21st October, which contain in them the affidavit structure. I called UHS office to get some information and a clerk there said that I had to get this process done from 1st to 10th October. So I'm really confused about how to get this process done. If anybody here went through a similar situation, he/she gave the entry test again and had to forgo his/her previous medical education, what was the process of doing so and getting your documents back? Please help if you have any information regarding the issue.