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well the only thing i got was a letter from IBCC that i got in under PTAP. When i went to Punjab medical college they told me that classes will start on Jan 2 and all you have to do next is to show up on 1st Jan and everything will be done on that day....dues, hostel arrangements and what ever else required. They told me that the entire expenses excluding food will be around 35k Rs. They also told me that you will have to wear uniform...grey pants, white shirt and maroon tie. I am having doubts about getting everything done the day before classes starts...doesn't sound right...can anyone tell me if this is how things will get done. I still didn't get any official acceptance letter from college itself but they say you got in.
That's a genuine concern ghummank04, and I can say I'm going through the exact same thing right now! I would definitely try to get there ASAP -- at least 1-2 weeks before classes start, maybe even before Eid break so that you know people are still around so you can get work done that you need to or even just check the place out while it's in session to see how things work. Try to get things done if you can at least a week an advance unless they absolutely refuse you -- then you really don't have a choice but I mean just try to do what you can, you know?

I never got an official response either, but my cousin has been in contact w/the Health Department in Lahore and the Economic Affairs Division (which processes PTAP applications), and pretty much the only proof you can attain is a copy of the letters that the EAD sends to the Health Department nominating you to PMC and then another letter the Health Department sends PMC approving of your nomination, because pretty much the Health Department double checks and makes sure that you're legit and that there hasn't been any fraud, forging of documents, incorrect IBCC equivalence calculations, etc. I would contact the EAD and/or the Health Department in Lahore for more info. on that, or if you want maybe you can PM me your name and I can see if your name is on one of the letters that my cousin emailed me so that maybe I could get that emailed to you for your reassurance #laugh.