Extremely Worried, First Merit List Might Close At 86.1%?
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    Extremely Worried, First Merit List Might Close At 86.1%?

    And the merit list that has been posted by kips on facebook is:
    KEMU: 92.o636
    AIMC: 90.8244
    SIMS: 89.9547
    FJMC: 89.6118
    NMC: 89.3948
    AMC: 88.8335
    PMC: 88.3986
    RMC: 87.9651
    Qmc: 87.4532
    SMC: 87.0154
    NSMC: 86.7056
    SKBZMC: 86.3184
    SZMC: 86.0572
    KMSMC: 85.9060
    SMLC: 85.8590
    DGMC: 85.7850
    DCD: 85.7052
    NID: 85.6412

    I'm really tensed, I wanted to go to FJMC. Could this be close to the real one?

    PS. The second article was for 2012 and it actually turned out to be that way.
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