Asalaamu alaikum everyone

This is extremely urgent

I wanted to ask
1.who has applied via HEC or PTAP to Khyber Punktunakhawa(KPK) medical and dental colleges with HUMANITIES IBCC conversion?

basically, in KPK, only Pre-medical IBCC conversion is acceptable and this is stated in their 2013-2014 prospectus , pg 29. hence they have officially rejected my admission and 2 other students into any of their colleges.
I showed them PMDC regulations, my college principle specifically, not the Director of admissions at KMC, iA meet him on Monday and show him
but my principle says they cant change their prospectus instead they want me to go IBCC and change my certificate to pre medical - which is never going to happen. I spoke to usman saab form ibcc , he said we may change it to science group, but your college has to ask us for that, and that will take I don't know how many months to approve my the ibcc secretary etc.

so basically I need to know who else has applied to KPK colleges with humanities? and this is totally, wholly fault of admission committee of these colleges, as in Punjab and Sindh , the students are being accepted, I was told this by PTAP.

but it would also be good if some past year students with humanities can give me their names, and any students this year who have got in etc paid fees, going to join classes now with humanities conversion .

the other thing is they haven't sent back my application to HEC yet, and I want them to so HEC can ask on what basis they have rejected my application, because HEC know PMDC guidelines, and so do PTAP, in fact PTAP send PMDC certificate with each of our applications and say if colleges return applications on this basis, then we deal with it, and have dealt with it in the past, but these colleges have to first send it back to them for PTAP to take notice

so please let me know if you are in the same situation or have been. and also those students of Punjab and Sindh who have been accepted with no problems

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Anyone? I need names of students of this year or past years who have been accepted with Humanities conversion in any province...??
and the 2 students who have also had their HEC application rejected in my province...??