Overseas Pakistani Application. HELP!!
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Aug 2012
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    Overseas Pakistani Application. HELP!!

    Okey guys this is important!!

    I am so lost. i don't know where to start. i have done alot of research myself and the information i get is different every time lol and everyone says different things too.

    so here it goes!
    I am a Pakistani born Canadian, currently upgrading my marks in bio, chem and phys. because i did very poor in the first try. I now have 90% in math, 80%in bio, 85% in chem and 88% in phys. I have no idea what my marks are gonna be after i get my equivalence certificate. if someone has any idea please let me know. Also how do i apply for equivalence certificate while I am in Canada?

    I will most likely be applying to a private institute on self finance base. I know that admission deadlines for every university is different. can someone please tell me when shifa college of medicine admissions are opening. or any good university in Lahore or Multan? and also when does the actual classes starts?
    and does anybody know when is the latest we need our SATII scores? and how hard is the test?

    I really want to come back and study in Pakistan but i feel like i dont have all their requirement and i have no idea about the applying procedure too. if anybody know who i can contact/ email to get more information about the application procedure that will be great.

    if anybody who goes to shifa can tell me more about the university, the student life, faculties, hostel etc that will be very helpful. or even the islamabad city in general. lol never been to isb before, but it looks so beavutiful and peaceful. I dont know anybody in the city so i dont even know how i am gona manage lol. but i think i'll be fine Inshallah.

    I will be visiting Pakistan in july, i hope that isnt to late.

    I am sorry guys, but im just really stressed out right now that no med college will accept me. Any kind of information will be very very helpful. THANK YOU!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    lol ok so after going through all the discussion form about foreign students on this site, i am officially convinced that i will NOT be able to get accepted to any med college in Pak. My ibcc equivalence will mess up my admission chances for sure and considering the fact how competitive shifa is. so many dreams and hopes crushed

    - - - Updated - - -
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    Med Studentz Beginner khan000000000's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
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    Equivalence- they usually cut off like 10-15%.
    For certificate visit:
    You should call those private colleges and find out about the test etc or visit their sites
    Actually classes usually start between Oct-Dec...
    the latest you'll need your sat scores ...hmm should be umm i guess Oct but you should take the one (sat-2) in May..By the way test is very easy.i used Barron's ...very good
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