PMDC Issues Warning To CMH, FUMC, Wah & CPMC For Having Problems In Their Affiliated Hospitals - Page 2
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    Med Studentz Veteran SonnenSays's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    229 times
    Quote Originally Posted by Feline View Post
    You stick to your opinion and are not swayed, no matter what.
    Obvious? I know. Just had to comment.
    Convince me otherwise?
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    Med Studentz Regular Feline's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    93 times
    Quote Originally Posted by SonnenSays View Post
    Convince me otherwise?
    Oh, no no. I wouldn't even dream of, trying to turn you against anything you have set your heart on.
    ~~Un chat retombe toujours sur ses pattes~~

    ~~Neko ni kyuusei ari~~
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    Med Studentz Regular rosequartz's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abiha Butt View Post
    PMDC is just a drama and nothing else
    Spot on. PMDC's itching for it, I say we give it what it deserves.

    Quote Originally Posted by SonnenSays View Post
    Pretty much this. 8 years ago they were giving warnings to sheikh zayed only to nationalise it later on.
    Doesn't matter how many warnings they give or what people think, CMH is gonna remain the best pvt med clg in Punjab.
    I think this is to justify an increase in tuition fees this year or a greater game is in play. CMH being in the list doesn't make sense. It was the first college I set my eyes on.

    And if all these colleges didn't fit the criteria, why recognize them in the first place and make the medical students suffer.
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