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  • 1 Post By Prince MD Khan

Thread: KIPS MCAT Series Help

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    Med Studentz Newbie vjmisty's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
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    UnhappyKIPS MCAT Series Help

    hello guys.. I've a giant confusion the syllabus of 2013 mcat says the following
    2. GROUPS:

    In this topic, candidate should be able to:

    Describe and explain the variation in the properties of group II, IV and VII elements
    from top to bottom with special emphasis on:
    a) Reactions of group-II elements with oxygen and water
    b) Characteristics of oxides of carbon and silicon
    c) Properties of halogens and uses of chlorine in water purification and as bleaching
    d) Uses of Nobel gases (group VIII)
    wheras the kips mcat chemistry book has written about alkali metals in that section too :/ Alkali metals are group 1 right..Syllabus talks about group II, IV and VII , not group 1.

    what shall i do? follow the syllabus exact or skip (keeping in mind im studying according to 2013 contents only..UHS is lazy to change it )
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    Med Studentz Pro Prince MD Khan's Avatar
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    Dec 2012
    Lahore, Pakistan
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    Stick to the syllabus.If in the respective topics there is hint about alkali metals then go through alkali metals topic once to clear the concept.

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