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Thread: MCAT Study Tips

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    Med Studentz Beginner goldstandard_mcat's Avatar
    Member Since
    Mar 2014
    26 times

    MCAT Study Tips

    MCAT Biology

    Most questions have simple answers even when the passage is challenging.

    When there are many different things happening in one Biology passage, take very brief notes on your scratch paper indicating what relates to what, or what makes the concentration or population of what goes up or down. Make it clear but use short hand and arrows.

    Go back over those 2 passages. Were all the questions complicated or just 1 or 2? If you get all the straightforward questions right, you will still ace the Biology section.

    Look over those passages and try to look for patterns. Take super brief notes. Would that have helped? Did you miss a relationship? Even asking yourself those questions will reduce the chance that it will happen again.
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    Med Studentz Regular rosequartz's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jul 2012
    101 times
    Any advice for the verbal reasoning section?
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    Med Studentz Beginner goldstandard_mcat's Avatar
    Member Since
    Mar 2014
    26 times
    Hello, here are some MCAT Verbal Reasoning tips.

    1. Learn to put clues together and get through complex information by listening to the writer’s voice, attitude or purpose.

    2. Distinguish between deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. In deductive thinking, you reach a conclusion based on information assumed true. For example, “Mammals have placenta which feeds the offspring during pregnancy. Therefore, human beings are mammals.” Meanwhile, inductive reasoning is making an assumption. For example, “Andrew has a lot of tattoos on his body. He’s probably an artist.”

    3. When you feel confused and overwhelmed with the passage, remind yourself that the Verbal Reasoning test is preparing you for the stories of your future patients -- worried about their symptoms and have a tendency to forget or muddle some important information.

    4. Look up words that you do not recognize. Have a dictionary handy or Google it. This will boost your vocabulary as well.

    5. Treat the passages not as a test but rather interesting stories. Once you are engaged and interested, you will understand the passages better.

    6. To improve your concentration, visualize what you are reading.

    7. To read faster, see multiple words in every eye fixation. This takes practice but when you have learned it, it would help you beat the timer.

    8. Read opinionated articles. Some good sources are The Economist and New York Times editorial pages.

    9. Take as many MCAT practice tests as you can. This will improve your timing as well. If you want to take a free practice test, click . For more practice tests, click .

    Hope this post helps. Good luck with your studies :-)
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    Med Studentz Beginner M Amin Amjad's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jul 2013
    Pakistan, Punjab, Daska
    22 times
    Thank You, goldstandard_mcat!

    I hope now everything will be fine!

    Right? rosequartz!

    Now Concentrate on your work as well as I also!
    Now, I am ready to make life meaningful and hope you will also!

    Now it's show time and rosequartz!

    Thanks once again for this beautiful advice "goldstandard!"
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    Med Studentz Beginner
    Member Since
    May 2014
    7 times

    Preparation Idea

    I would like to add some points. Prepare your own notes for each and every subject. Practice important questions regularly.
    Other than the regular study, prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Think ahead for a good test day. Face it with full confidence.
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