Advanced Organic Chem Series or Regular One?
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    Med Studentz Newbie Jenny's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Miami, Florida
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    Advanced Organic Chem Series or Regular One?

    So at my school there are two different organic chemistry class series that I can take one being easier than the other.

    My question is, if I don't feel I have a particularly strong background in chemistry and already am somewhat afraid of the horrors of O-chem, should I just take the regular series rather than the advanced series?

    I know med schools like seeing the advanced series being completed but honestly whats better: getting an A in the regular class vs getting a C+/B- in the advanced series?

    I've heard the # of A's given out in the advanced series is quite low....what to do what to do...
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    Med Studentz Pro
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    Feb 2006
    Dominican Republic
    12 times
    Well, in my opinion, option A) sounds best. Besides, the important thing is that you take chemistry and do well in it. They want you to have a base so when you start getting to the good stuff you don't get lost and have some idea of what is being taught.
    Anyone else able to elaborate more on this topic, feel free to do so...
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    May 2006
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
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    Hmm how can you be so sure that you will get a B-/C+ in the harder series?

    If you're applying to med school its really imperative that you take the series thats designated for health professionals. In fact you might want to check the different schools' requirements...I believe some actually require you to take the harder series rather than recommending it only.

    I say if you go in with the mindset of getting an A in the harder series, you can do it. The curriculum is just more intensive---just devote a few more hours per week to that subject and get through it!
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