Please Any Solve These Physics Problems For Me, Will Be Thankful.
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  • 1 Post By Thrushe42

Thread: Please Any Solve These Physics Problems For Me, Will Be Thankful.

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    Aug 2014
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    Please Any Solve These Physics Problems For Me, Will Be Thankful.

    Please solve with steps and formulas

    (1) A generator produces 100 KW of power at the potential difference of 10 KV. The power is transmitted through cables of total resistance 5 ohms. How much power is transmitted/dissipated in cables
    A) 50 W
    B) 250 W
    C) 500 W
    D) 1000 W
    E) 50000 W

    (2) A parallel combination of three resistors take a current of 4.5 A from a 30 V battery. If the two of the resistances are 12 ohm and 10 ohm, the third one is;
    A) 55 ohm
    B) 35 ohm
    C) 25 ohm
    D) 15 ohm
    E) 30 ohm

    (3) One thousand watts of electric power are transmitted to a device by a means of two wires each of which has a resistance of 2 ohm. If the resulting P.D across the device is 100 V the P.D across the source supplying the power is;
    A) 20 V
    B) 40 V
    C) 100 V
    D) 140 V
    E) 500 V

    (4) When a resistance of 2 ohm is connected across the terminal of the cell is 0.5 Amp , but when the resistance across the cell is 5 ohm the current is 0.25 Amp. The emf of the cell is;
    A) 2.0 V
    B) 1.5 V
    C) 1.0 V
    D) 0.5 V
    E) 7.0 V
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    Med Studentz Regular Thrushe42's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
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    Is there something wrong with number 2? I keep on getting -30.

    4) B (I think).
    The cell could have internal resistance (r). E= I (R+r)
    E= I1( R1+r) and E=I2 (R2+r)
    Equate them ... (0.5)(2+r)=(0.25)(5+r) => r= 1.
    Substitute => E= 1.5 V.
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