SAT 2 Retake
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Thread: SAT 2 Retake

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    Med Studentz Regular nayab itrat's Avatar
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    Oct 2015
    14 times

    SAT 2 Retake

    So I gave SAT2 in a months time and had a score of 2110. I majorly messed up physics as I had 650 in it. I suck at physics but idk how to improve. I used Barrons but for physics I couldnt understand a word of barrons. Plus I had 740 in biology and 720 in chem. How do I improve? I am on a gap year. Plus I am also confused because alot of rumors are going around saying CMH wont take SAT 2 next year.
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    Med Studentz Beginner Mars's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
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    Physics was kind of tough for me too. What i can suggest is that apart from barrons use other books too.A months time is very low in my opinion.
    Personally, I studied for SAT II for around 2-3 months (Summer Vacations) and I used the combination of Barron and Kaplan.

    What you should try to do is make small notes. I used to read the chapter thoroughly and then skim it again then I used to take a sticky note, write the points i thought were important and then stick it on the page of the respective chapter. This way i knew what was the important stuff i had to go through in this chapter or it can be used to just jog your memory.
    Since you are on a gap year, make the best use of it. Improve your Alevels/FSc grades/marks too if need be.
    Don't forget to practice the mock tests at the end of the books. Make sure you do them as if you were doing a real exam with proper preparation and timing. Find more tests on the internet and keep practicing.

    Some helpful links:

    Good luck out there!
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