I am in a tight spot right now in my decision to go. My goal was to get my AA at the local community college for Psychology and then transfer to the state university as a junior to double major in Psychology and Chemistry, and a minor in Biology. I didn't purposely do it like that but it seemed after all my pre-med courses, I was only a few more away from having another major so I decided to go with it! However, I recently did some research and found out that med school admission boards look down on pre-med classes being taken at a community college (half of my pre-med was going to be done there), so my new plan since it's so close to spring anyway is take my spring and 2 summer semesters at the community college getting all my basic, non-science classes done there and then try to transfer to the state university in the fall 2011. Which is fine, I am taking my SATs right now and trying to score as high as possible since I'll have less than 60 hours, state requires it. I am doing really well so far. But now I am unsure what happens if I am not accepted into state because of the deadline and time (they can't fully consider me until I complete my spring term and give them my transcript; only one month away from the "deadline"). I learned that starting in the spring, the college will no longer be a community college but a state college since they're now offering B.A.'s. So, my question is if I don't get into state, would it be a bad idea to even take 1-2 science classes at the state college? I do not want to take classes that are going to screw me over in the long run with med school. I would prefer to stay at the then state college to get my AA then just transfer as I am guaranteed admittance to the state univ. as long as I have an AA from this particular state college but I fear it will mess up everything.

I had a GPA of 3.63 in high school with 3 honors classes and some extracurriculars. My goal is to keep my GPA in the spring as high as I can to get admittance to state. It's so nerve wrecking.