Hey guys wanted some information regarding a very confusing matter.

I completed my A Levels in 2004 with two subjects and went abroad for my studies. I was settled there since. Recently had to return to Pakistan due to some reason only to find out that the first step in getting a degree equivalency is to get my A Levels equalized first.

I went to the IBCC site and it does not state anything regarding A Levels prior to 2006 (It does state that 7 subjects in O levels are accepted before 2006 but nothing about A-Levels). As far as I can remember people with 2 A Levels did get equivalencies. Now my question is

1. Is there a possibility that I would be granted equivalency? If so what would be the procedure? Are there any "touts / agents" ?

2. In case they do not would I have to appear in another A Level subject to ensure equivalency? If so, will the "gap" create problems when the certificates will be submitted for equivalency?

Thanks in advance.