Hi Guys,
I am an aspiring med student. I just passed my12th boards and got into KMC, Manipal through MU-OET 2012 securing a rank of 194, plus I got a scholarship deal - 10% off on course fee/year. Here's the problem. Side by side I also qualified for RIMS (which is a govt college, by the way, in jharkhand) through state pmt. And there starts my dilemma of either joining a govt college and earning loads of experience( or so i've been told by my elders) but face menaces like irregular classes, unhygienic practices, regular strikes(which is as religious as a fast in jharkhand) or a private college which has a limited no of patients and is really expensive(like 659000 per yr) but world class faculty and facilities plus the boon of technology assisted learning.
Some of my relatives advised me to join govt college as it provides much "exposure" to varied cases and that govt college degee holds much distinction as compared to a private one even though KMC holds a rank of being among top 10 colleges in India(6th in Outlook and 10th in India Today). Can someone pls shed some light on the benefits of Govt colleges so that I can make a well thought out decision? Thaking you in advance