Guide me about MCAT Examination
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    Guest luxman226's Avatar

    LightbulbGuide me about MCAT Examination

    Hi i'm peter ! Last year i have finished my schooling. I want to continue my
    career in medical field, i heard something about MCAT Examination. To get admission
    for medical college, Do i have to write MCAT Examination? Tell me how to Apply for MCAT Exam and how to prepare for MCAT Exam. guidance appreciated.

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    Guest luxman226's Avatar
    quick reply needed for my question, because i have to decide whether i have to appear for MCAT examination.
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    Med Studentz Beginner maymay85's Avatar
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    MCATs is the exam you take that will play a big part for you to get into med school. Without the exam no school will take you in. It is a requirement.

    I also have a question about the MCATs:

    OK. I graduate undergrad in 1 year. I just need 30 more credits. But I havent taken my MCATs due to the overwhelming load of difficult classes I am taking. I know myself, I have to pace myself and take things lightly or else i get overwhelmed and just suck at things and fail. ( Im taking Calc, Bio and Chem all together..then physics and another load of hard classes alike).

    Anyway, I was thinking and I thought of taking my MCATs after I graduate and get my bachelors. This way I will only have time for the MCAT preparation and have more chances of doing way better than if I was at school not dedicating much time for it because of other classes. But I wonder if that will affect my admission into Med Schools I apply to.

    Please Help. Im worried about this. I dont want to jeopardize my chances, but I want to do well and I dont have any guidance (my advisors at univ. suck!).

    Thank you.
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