where to study when in loss?
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  • 1 Post By zara13

Thread: where to study when in loss?

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    Med Studentz Newbie scribbler's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
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    Exclamationwhere to study when in loss?

    Due to certain tragic and unfortunate events in the past two years, the fact has dawned upon all that my pre-medical student life is in utter chaos. My last year of O'levels at school was completed by may 2011, yet my failure in mathematics (as stated in the beginning of this paragraph) let loose the fear I never felt I would come to experience. Father insisted I opt for intermediate (state) educational colleges as they are more preferable for the continuation of further education in Pakistan, which is true since over here marks are deducted each time whenever applying into an state education system from a foreign one. Hence, I did so. The only barrier being my missing a subject (mathematics) from the total 8, i was left with 7 so neither private nor state colleges (High schools here) would allow me admission in their localities. With much generosity and faith my previous school's A'level system took me in on the condition that I would resit for my mathematics examination the coming October/November Cambridge International Examination session and that way be done with it before the end of the college mid-year. Father refused it and had me dumped in a completely no-standard sort of state co-education college through the help of an friend who was a professor in a renowned university, now to say i was devastated would be an understatement but I went with the process since I had no other choice. By the end of the week, I was beyond disgusted and wanted out. The students there were completely sick minded and non-serious people who would only attend twice in week or so. The teachers were replicas of horror movie interrogators only with bad broken English, I'm sorry to say. They also had a bad knack for insulting students to keep up their reputations so as to no one would dare to mess with them although that was not the result. 3 of them were very cooperative and kind, so I was still with some what sanity. My advanced English and easy Urdu language classes consisted of only 4 boys, being a girl who attended an all girls school since 3rd grade, their presence was rather intimidating. I kept on, I really tried yet the inevitable happened as i too started skipping college. Not only was it far away but I just couldn't put my heart into it no matter how hard i tried. College for me had begun in mid October not few days after resitting my mathematics examination, by the end of September my wish was granted when after continuous arguments and pondering over a period of several weeks. I was at home, my admission still valid. The college management agreed that I would be allowed to appear for the board exams. All said and done. I was set up with a home tutor for the 2 respected languages mentioned above and a coaching center for the rest of the subjects. It all went very well for a while long but ended up with me requesting the college to revoke my admission process. A hectic year. An year gone to waste. I got an E grade in mathematics by the way, having prepared for it in no less than half a month while my original plan for appearing in the MAY/JUNE session and scoring better was kicked aside by father on the idea that an year would be saved. Well, that didn't go too well but my main concern is as to what i should do now. The June/July (2012) typical admission season not utilized with father being out of the city as always, mother being with new born, elder sister's recent marriage and a troublesome younger sister under my care. The few private intermediate board colleges I did manage to visit resigned my applications on the fact that i had an E in mathematics and was thus unsuitable for admission. oh, the agony. July at end, I hurriedly applied for the Centralized Admission Policy for non-private colleges. Admission being given on merit basis and the last years closing marks. My O'levels grades turned equivalency totaled up in to 563 marks. When the usual late Centralized Admission Policy result arrived on the 19Th of September and I did not get in to any of my desired or nearby colleges but in a far away and unsafe area of the city, I came to breaking point. Father says I should apply for the claim application and request it to be changed. The problem here being the 8 to 9 days break after which the claim forms are actually viewed but not instantly considered. I do not wish to wait anymore. Also, In the Centralized Admission Policy result my marks were given as 526 which was quite disturbing since only 5 marks were possible of being deducted for having passed in the previous year and not 2012. Now colleges (A'level/private intermediate) usually start their sessions by the beginning of August or some by the mid of September. I'm at loss and would honestly appreciate any guidance given.
    1) Are their any colleges that would take me in now?please state names if aware of any;
    2) Should I continue with my field of Pre-Medical or opt for another maybe?
    3) Should I opt for private Alevels?
    4) I appeared for my resit examination in October 2011 and was rewarded the result by January 2012, so which year did i actually pass in? People assume it's 2011 but I am not sure because the Cambridge grade sheet only mentions the year which i sat for the examination.
    5) Is my future headed anywhere?
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    Founder Rehan's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
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    Hello Scribbler,

    Welcome to our online community!

    Although I personally am unable to answer your questions there are many members here who have lots of advice and experience and may be able to help you out and provide some valuable insight for your situation.

    As for the question of whether or not you should give up, my answer would be no. If you want to become a physician because it is your dream, then you need to keep trying, no matter what obstacles you are faced with.

    Hopefully someone else can help some more. Good luck to you!

    Please DO NOT private message me for help.

    Post all questions in the public forums only
    so that the answers will benefit others who
    may have the same question in the future.

    Interested in Pakistani Medical Schools?

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    Med Studentz Regular zara13's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
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    there is always a solution, no matter how complicated the situation is.
    Are you currently doing intermediate pre-med from somewhere?
    Last edited by zara13; December 23rd, 2012 at 07:09 PM.
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    Med Studentz Newbie
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    Dec 2012
    2 times
    Zara is right there is perpetually an answer, despite however sophisticated true is
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