Help For Repeaters...
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Thread: Help For Repeaters...

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    Med Studentz Newbie saleem khan's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jul 2012
    11 times

    Help For Repeaters...

    1.thoroughly n conceptually stdy txtbooks 2.discus with ur frndz, keep asking questions in different angles
    3.practice mcqs frm at least 2 good books
    4.collect past entry tests,grand tests by kips,skans,star etc
    5.try to focus on confusing points
    like tetnus,tetany,cramp
    similarly phenylketonuria and alkaptonuria in bio
    escape velocity,terminal v, orbital velocity in physcs
    6.try to find out hidden information
    7.focus on information that have some difference
    *plantigrade walk on their palms n are slowest
    *unguligrade walk on tips of their toes mdified into hoof are fastes
    *digitgrade walk on digits with
    intermediate speed
    7.relate new information with previous knowledge n also use mnemonics
    8.grasp the info where more than 2 related things r discussed like
    function of enzaymes in replication
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    Med Studentz Regular rosequartz's Avatar
    Member Since
    Jul 2012
    101 times
    Not a repeater, but good advice.
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    Med Studentz Regular FZZR's Avatar
    Member Since
    Sep 2013
    62 times
    you missed out on chemistry.
    Thanks anyway.
    rosequartz likes this.
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