MCAT Preparation: How To Increase Concentration
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Thread: MCAT Preparation: How To Increase Concentration

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    LightbulbMCAT Preparation: How To Increase Concentration

    MCAT preparation: how to increase concentration

    An important key in MCAT preparation success is concentration. Without it, you will be filling your eyes with information, but not your brain. So, here are some ways to improve your concentration.

    Load up on exercise, not caffeine.
    Caffeine prevents you from dozing off; this gives you time to study more. However, this stimulant tells your brain that it can only function if you drink coffee. On the other hand, exercising at least 30 minutes every morning improves attention and provides you with extra energy you can use to study more.

    Eat breakfast and drink a lot of water.
    Eating breakfast will lower your adrenaline, thus making you feel less stressed. Meanwhile, 70 percent of our body is made up of water. So, the brain needs water for it to function well. If you feel that your ability to focus is waning, drink up.

    Overcome procrastination.
    It is hard to concentrate when you know that you have put off so many tasks already. Donít put off for tomorrow what you can do today. That way, you can focus on your MCAT preparation.

    Avoid distractions.
    When it is time to study, put off the television, video games and social media.

    Take a break.
    Take 10-minute breaks every hour of study. You can use the break to close your eyes, meditate, take a walk and eat your favorite snack, among other activities that donít strain the eyes.
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    Thanks for sharing this information! Hope it helps in attending the other exams too. Along with the above information, I would like to add some information that doing some online discussion or participating in any forum discussion will gain you good knowledge.
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    Thank you for sharing. I might add writing your thoughts down, it is better than "carry" all information about the other duties in your head. Put it on the paper to get them out - they will not disturb you when studying. And enough sleep for sure..
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